PresPro began in 2009 and we have worked hard to become a premier custom home builder in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding region. We pride ourselves in bringing every last detail together to form spectacular custom homes and spaces that best serve our neighbors and clients. Our Integrity and Reputation are the bedrock of our success.


At PresPro we pride ourselves on setting high standards when it comes to building our homes. We also place a high value on the customer experience.

From the first time we discuss your dream home until you move in, we want to communicate realistic expectations about the entire building process. We have taken steps to outline what that looks like from beginning to end to ensure that you are informed and educated. Our Project managers and Sales team are experts and as such will walk you through this process along the way reminding you of important milestones that are necessary to keep your project on track.

The three key components to the custom home building process are:

  1. Establish a budget aka Financing
  2. Select and Purchase your land
  3. Get involved in the design process

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It all begins here, as the amount of available funds determines what and where you will construct. Without proper budgeting, costs can accumulate beyond your ability to pay, and the project can go sideways in a hurry.

Land on which to build must be taken into consideration, as well as the scope of the custom build itself – the number of bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, etc. On top of those basics, you must remember to consider items that will not be part of a build price itself: permits, property taxes, development charges, septic (or well if applicable), landscaping, appliances, etc.

Bottom line, have your financing in order. If you are in need of banking referrals for Construction loan financing please contact PresPro and we can provide you with banking referrals.

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You have a vision for your dream home, and you want to make sure it’s ideally placed, especially if you value outdoor space and want to take advantage of your surroundings. Consider what it will be like to live there in all 4 seasons, and also take note of nearby amenities, schools, and access to major thoroughfares.

Unless you’re in a rush to build, it’s important to take your time, do the legwork, and find the perfect lot.  If you go under contract with us one of our expert Project Managers would be happy to walk the lot with you and give you their opinion about building and living in that space.

Last but not least, look at the price of the lot and make sure you’ll have enough left in your budget to build the house you are dreaming of.

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This step is where Pres Pro’s input becomes valuable, as they are the hands-on source for realistic material and labor costs.  The design stage is too early for accurate pricing, but we can certainly guide your choices wisely if you have made your building budget clear. To get a better estimate on your custom home build, we recommend consulting with an architect to have plans drawn up. Just be aware that this is a significant investment and you need to be prepared to accommodate this within your budget.

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As you enter this stage of the custom home building process, you should come prepared with a basic understanding of what you want. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?  What sort of entertaining space do you need?  Also, consider your interior and exterior amenities. What are your priorities, and what can you bend on? What style do you like? Make sure you understand the cost involved with all of these decisions so that the house designed for you fits within your established budget.



You can’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right custom home builder. That’s why we’ve put together a list of resources to help you with your decision.

We suggest taking the following steps before committing to a custom home project:

  1. Read Testimonies. You can learn a lot about a company from its reviews online. Check out our raving fans on Google Reviews.
  2. View our Look book. We’ve put together a collection of our recent custom builds highlighting both quality and excellence in our custom builds. Get it here.
  3. Meet the Team. Once we’ve started the process you will meet with one of our highly experienced Project Managers who will handle your build. Meet our team here.
  4. Learn about suppliers. The material that goes into your home is just as important as the people building your home. Below are just a few of the high-end suppliers we have used in our custom builds.


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Trust PRESPRO with YOUR custom home building process!

We make it our goal to help all our clients realize their dreams. Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and complete customer satisfaction are what sets PresPro apart in the Charlotte building community. Our homeowners can rest assured that their new home will be a source of pride and satisfaction for many years to come.

Whether you are looking to be a part of a community or desire to build your dream home on your grandfather’s land, we will carry your dream to fruition.