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PresPro Custom Homes

To create a custom home or unique remodel which truly reflects your needs and personality, trust a team committed to delivering homes and spaces you can build your life in. PresPro Homes is a Charlotte Custom Home Builder who interprets your vision to build a home that is beautifully fit just for you. Award-winning design paired with expert craftsmanship has allowed us to develop some of the most prestigious properties throughout Charlotte, NC.

From Craftsman to Contemporary, Modern to Traditional, let PresPro Homes build the home of your dreams.


We distinguish our process and completed projects through a number of markers indicative of quality. A fine eye for detail through every project phase gives PresPro Custom Homes unmatched prestige – every design sketch, every piece of material, and every square inch of the homes we create is carefully considered to ensure all details are just right.

There’s a reason PresPro was named the fastest-growing company in Charlotte and one of the fastest across the nation – our commitment to delivering quality homes and upholding integrity throughout the design and building process has provided our clients with a level of satisfaction lacking from others.

These qualities set our company apart from the competition.

Building & Renovation

Whether you have a blank canvas of land on which to build a new custom home or are faced with an existing structure that you’ve outgrown in size or style, our dedicated team will develop your dream home – a retreat, a place of comfort that will welcome you for years to come.

We believe homes best serve their residents when the structure is as unique as those dwelling inside. Allow us to incorporate your preferences, style, and needs into the design of your new home or remodeled space in order to provide you with unprecedented functionality and charm. Utilizing premium materials and exceptional finishes, PresPro Homes delivers quality spaces.

Find the services fit for your needs.

PresPro - Charlotte's #1 Fastest Growing company

PresPro Custom Homes, based in Harrisburg is growing faster than any other in the Fast 50 group with 360% average growth over the last two years.

A home builder with its genesis in the depths of the recession is the top company in the Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 awards.

PresPro is growing faster than any other in the Fast 50 group with 360% average growth over the last two years. CEO John Sears got into the real estate business to renovate the property to rent or flip. PresPro soon grew into a $5 million business.

Then PresPro moved into bathroom and kitchen remodels and new-house construction. There’s now a division for building duplexes and smaller homes to be turned into rentals by investors. Six months ago, PresPro launched a custom-home business “to fill a niche” left open by the national homebuilders, Sears says.

And here’s an interesting side note about the PresPro name. Originally, it meant Preservation Professional Services. Now Sears is leaning toward saying the company is short for Prestigious Properties, he says.

Each year, the CBJ honors the fastest-growing companies in the Charlotte region. This year, the event was held at Hilton Charlotte City Center on Thursday evening.

CBJ President and Publisher Kevin Pitts confirmed the space-travel theme of the evening by walking onstage in a spacesuit and helmet. Music from “Close Encounters,” “The Jetsons” and “Star Wars” and songs such as “Rocket Man” and “Man on the Moon” contributed to the other-worldly feel of the event.

Pitts also asked that the CEOs and other leaders of the Fast 50 winning companies come onstage with an “I crushed it this year” pose.

As a whole, the Fast 50 companies crushed both revenue and employment numbers for the year. Combined, they employ 4,000 and have annual revenues of $500 million, Pitts says.

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